Foto: Emmanuel Upegui

Professors and students from 10 different faculties in the Universidad de los Andes undertake more than 400 research projects, whose main concern is Peace and Postconflict issues.

There are more than 30 topics which have been observed since 1990: victims, memory, reparation, forced displacement, costs in a postconflict scenario and education for peace. Those are clear examples of the different approaches that our academical community proposed during the last decades concerning peace and conflict.

The topics have been identified and compiled by the vice-presidency of research .A h revision of the work from students and professors has been made in all the faculties and departments of the university. “Our idea is to develop a line of work and generate cooperation” is the statement from José Jans Carretero, lawyer and research assistant from the vice-presidency of research.

He explains that researchers and professors have a specific knowledge on their own projects, but ignore similar works and efforts in their fields. Consequently this compilation will help to connect the researchers and their work, according to their area of interest.

“Our aim is to identify strengths and deficiencies of the projects and activities that are being developed currently and eventually find fundraising and resources for them. Moreover, our priority is the promotion of interdisciplinarity” says Carretero.







The activities, projects and the efforts that seek to build a sustainable peace with education as their main tool in a postconflict scenario where submitted to the MacArthur Foundation. They offer a grant of 100 million dollars to organizations that work in projects that look for solutions to global problems.