Internationalization in Uniandes was defined as one of the main targets in accordance with the plan of institutional development (PID 2016-2020).  In line with our internationalization policies 4 specific goals were established in order to contribute to the consolidation of a strategy:

  • Improve the quality of the production of new knowledge generated by the members of our institution.
  • Improve the impact of research and the products of new knowledge.
  • Attract and manage funds and resources that allow the promotion of quality and impact of the new knowledge products.   
  • Contribute to interdisciplinarity in research.

As a result, five projects where proposed in order meet these goals:

  1. Contribute to the construction of a cooperation with strong key-partners in research.
  2. The second project corresponds to the consolidation of relations with leading research institutions, which had a previous association with uniandes due to precedent collaborations in research projects.  
  3. The third project corresponds to the program of significant research experiences for the students.
  4. The fourth project corresponds to the association of international researchers in postdoctoral positions.  This should be a possibility for all the faculties and departments of the university.
  5. The fifth project corresponds to the construction of a network, which allows us to involve alumni that work in research and academical institutions abroad in pur production of new knowledge.