Call for research projects with german partners

Fechas de la convocatoria:

August 2016


The research proposal must follow the “Guidelines for the Research Grants Programme” (form 50.01) and the “Proposal Preparation Instructions – Project Proposals” (form 54.01) that can be found in this link.

With the purpose of fostering the research cooperation between Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes) and German researchers, and according to the agreement signed between Uniandes and DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), the Vice Presidency for Research opens this call for basic research projects of up to $100,000,000 COP (one hundred million Colombian Pesos) and an execution time frame of up to 3 years. Each of the projects must consist of minimum two researchers at a faculty or researcher level, one affiliated with Uniandes and the second one affiliated with a German Institution. The funding provided in this call will be devoted exclusively for undergraduate and master´s and doctoral level students, postdoctoral positions, travel allowances, field studies/trips, laboratory supplies, research assistants and technicians and equipment. Under no circumstance the resources will be devoted for researchers to claim bonuses, additional salaries or payments in order to diminish their academic load.

German researchers wishing to collaborate with researchers from Uniandes can apply for funding at DFG within the regular “Research Grants Programme”. Applicants to be funded by DFG are requested to fulfill the eligibility criteria of DFG’ Research Grants Program, see the corresponding guidelines of the Research Grants Program, DFG form 50.01. Proposals shall be submitted by the German researcher via the electronic submission portal at DFG, elan. The scientific kernel of the proposals should be identical, and the proposal should clearly show how the two parts (German and Colombian) complement each other. Please note that DFG does not provide special funds for projects in cooperation with Uniandes.

Evaluation process and decision

Project proposals will be evaluated through peer review and the funding decisions will be done jointly between Uniandes and DFG, thereby respecting their own specific rules, regulations, and practices. At Uniandes, the final selection will be prepared by an ad-hoc committee led by the Vice President for Research from Uniandes. This committee will be constituted by at least one professor of each of the disciplinary areas involved, the Vice President for Research and the Head of International Affairs from Uniandes. At DFG, decisions will be prepared according to the regulations of the DFG review boards. Support will be granted for those proposals where both DFG and Uniandes, recommend funding. UNIANDES can fund up to ten projects per year; however, unilateral funding of only one part of the project is not possible.


Issuance: August 2016

Deadline: There will be no deadlines as proposals will be evaluated when the German and the Colombian researchers submit their proposals to DFG and Uniandes respectively. 

For more information

Any question regarding this call would be addressed by contacting the following email address: Also, two informative sessions will be scheduled in order to solve any request or questions regarding the call.

At DFG, question regarding this call could be addressed at the following contact: Dr. Dietrich Halm, Director for cooperation with Latin America;